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The folks who make up The Vampire Diaries’ fan community are a rabid bunch: They’re even nominated for their own People’s Choice Award. “Our fans are the most extraordinary group,” says exec producer Julie Plec, “and they are very vocal.” There should be plenty of chatter now that Elena (Nina Dobrev) has officially hooked up with bad boy Damon (Ian Somerhalder), making Team Delena rapturous. And those Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena devotees? Not so much. “I will probably have to hide for a while!” jokes Plec.

That’s advice Damon might want to take once his brother Stefan finds out about the tryst. (“He’ll be in for a shock,” says Plec.) But first, we’ll let Somerhalder revel in his character’s juicy new story line.

TV Guide Magazine: How did it feel to finally have “hot vampire sex,” as Nina called it, with Elena in the November 29 episode?

Somerhalder: The fans — and I — have been begging for that for a long time. It’s payoff for them, but there are a lot of people out there, particularly dudes, who think Elena would be much better off if she were rid of both [Salvatore brothers].


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Ian Somerhalder posted a sweet photo of himself and a dog at a kissing booth at the Best Friends Animal Society’s annual Strut Your Mutt fundraiser on Saturday (September 22). The Vampire Diaries star is teaming up with the charity – held in Lafayette, Louisiana – to try to raise $150,000 for a project which will go to abused animals and a teaching facility for kids who have bullied others.

He Tweeted: “Whoa! Struttin’Mutt! He needs a home! Please adopt Raj! I’ve kissed every – ok almost every inch of him;)Whoa! Struttin’Mutt! He needs a home! Please adopt Raj! I’ve kissed every – ok almost every inch of him”

“I really believe in Best Friends Animal Society and their mission of ‘No More Homeless Pets,” said Ian in a press release. “Their passion for helping pets really inspired me to work towards building an animal sanctuary through the ISF. Our sanctuary will be a safe place for all types of awesome creatures, including abused and abandoned pets.”

As for fans of The Vampire Diaries – The CW series premieres on October 11.


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Taking a break from his busy “Vampire Diaries” schedule, Ian Somerhalder garnered himself a little added exposure by covering the September/October 2012 issue of Essential Homme magazine.

Looking handsome as ever, the 33-year-old actor donned an Armani Exchange cardigan for the Matthew Lyn shot front page while talking about everything from acting to rumors that he wants the lead role in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film adaptation.

On the challenges of being an actor:
“Much of life is like a television show. You have ups and downs. You never know where it’s going to go. And yes, it’s iffy as an actor, because you’re at the mercy of the writers’ imaginations. You’re ultimately subjected to exactly what they want and you have to deal with it.”

On taking his young audience seriously:
“If you empower a 15-year-old kid, or a 17-year-old kid who turns 18 in October, who can vote in November – if you empower that young person to understand what’s going on in the world around them, how certain politics and environmental implications are going to not serve them very well later on in life – are going to affect the way that they grow up and their children grow up – you affect that young person. They become empowered, and an empowered young person is the coolest thing in the world. And untimely, that’s where change comes in.”

On rumors that he’s pursuing the lead in “Fifty Shades of Grey:”
“I think it could be a very interesting job.”