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What to Do After a Fire or Flood

Now, flood can make your home look really unwelcoming. If you are a victim of a fire or flood, you will never like what you see in your home when the flood or fire is over. Dirt and all sorts would have been driven into the home by the flood and the whole place would be a mess.  Things even get worse if you have not been able to remove your valued properties from the home before the flood came; those valuable properties would have been damaged by the flood and the financial consequence itself can be emotionally wrecking. However, the least you can do after a fire/flood is to get the home cleaned so that life can continue. How exactly can you get this done? Some simple things you can do to remove the traces of fire/flood in your home will be looked into below.

Consider infection

When cleaning up after a flood or fire, you should think beyond the dirt and debris the flood had brought into the home; think of the possible infectious agents the flood would have brought along. It is therefore very important to get the home disinfected when carrying out cleanup after flooding. The disinfection will help to remove any dangerous organism that can lead to one form of infection or the other in the home. How can the disinfection be done? Very simple, just get the surface scrubbed using hot water to which heavy duty cleaner had been added. Use a solution of one-quarter of chlorine bleach in a gallon of water to wipe the whole surface and this will adequately kill all the germs in the home and make the place safe again.

Get rid of the mud

Mud is one of the things that can be brought into the home after a fire and/or flood. The mud must be removed without delay and it must be removed as aseptically as possible; this means it must be removed without such mud leading to one form of infection or the other in the home in the course of mud removal. Shovel will be the perfect tool to get rid of the mud. After this, wash off the left over mud from any of the hard surfaces in the home and the best tool for this is none other than a hose or garden sprayer.

Your insurer must know about it

Before you start with any of the cleaning methods described above, you must first call on your insurer. This is the time to make some claims and you will never have problem making such claims if it had been settled clearly while you were registering the insurance policy. Make sure you take pictures of the home and those of the items the flood or fire had damaged.  Make a list of the damages too and be ready to present them when demanded.  While doing this, you would be equally required to fill forms for insurance claims, income tax deductions and also fill a form for disaster assistance. If you follow the above points to the letter, you will never have problem managing flood disaster in your home.


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Ian Somerhalder is known primarily for his steely blue gaze and starring role in The Vampire Diaries, but did you know that the star is also a passionate environmental activist? In 2010, Somerhalder launched the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF), which empowers young people to start environmental projects—which is why we’ve named him one of this year’s Conde Nast Traveler Visionaries. He talks more about his foundation in the video.


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Ian Somerhalder (“The Vampire Diaries,” “LOST”) and Luke Hemsworth will topline the cast of The Anomaly, an action thriller exploring the issue of global terrorism. Noel Clarke’s UK production company Unstoppable Entertainment announced that principal photography has commenced on the new sci-fi thriller last week.

The Anomaly’s original screenplay was written by Simon Lewis and will be directed by Noel Clarke. Lewis’ screenplay follows the travails of a traumatized ex-soldier who wakes up in the back of a van, alongside a kidnapped boy, to find that he only has only nine minutes and 37 seconds of consciousness to work out why and how he got there.

The film is produced by James Harris and Mark Lane of The Tea Shop & Film Company. The film will be shooting on location across London and also stars Clarke, Brian Cox and Alexis Knapp.


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Ian is auctioning off a lunch date in Atlanta via Charitybuzz. All proceeds will benefit the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which is in the process of building an animal sanctuary.

“A big component of ISF is not just habitat or species conservation, it’s animal protection and youth education,” the actor tells EW exclusively. “There are too many animals that are abused, mistreated, and abandoned. They’ve been ostracized, they have behavioral issues, and they’re starving. It’s just unbelievable what we’ve done to the animals, and I think that’s why this is so important.”

The auction is currently live and will run through July 18, and it will help fund the acquisition of land that Somerhalder has his eye on. The plan, he says, is to make this haven a reality “very soon.” And the big goal is to make the sanctuary a place of co-rehabilitation — benefiting both animals and troubled youth.

“If we can give animals a home, we can also take the youth of our country and our world — kids who have behavioral issues, bullying other kids, and halting the progression of those around them — and bring them together to learn compassion from one another. If you have compassion for an animal, then you’ll ultimately have compassion for another human being,” he says. “I’m so tired of the lack of compassion in our world and watching kids grow up in it. I think it’s an amazing opportunity for us to show that having compassion for one another — and all furry, scaled, or feathered creatures — is the only way we can progress.”

To his prospective bidders, Somerhalder adds: “Honestly, all I can say is thank you. I appreciate you and your generosity…. I will try not to bore you to tears.”


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Ian made the list of PopSugar’s 100 List of 2012 for the second time in a row!

Ian has continued advocating for various causes. He frequently tweets about his efforts to help save animals and the environment, and he formed the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to address those issues. Ian even spoke before Congress last July to discuss ways to help animals.


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Ian Somerhalder is working with Ketel One and GQ for the “A Gentleman’s Call: In Pursuit of an Idea that Matters”!

The program, a nationwide search that champions the lifestyle of the modern gentleman, is inviting hopeful participants to present an idea or inspiration that will raise society’s behavioral bar.

For more info, check out!


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Ian Somerhalder has sealed his green credentials by becoming a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme.

A longtime campaigner for eco-friendly initiatives, will help host World Environment Day on June 5th, 2012 as his first official task in his new role.

He will join supermodel Gisele Bundchen and actor Don Cheadle – who are also Goodwill Ambassadors for the U.N. – in encouraging fans to get involved in environmental activities, such as neighbourhood clean-ups, walking to work or planting trees.

In a video promoting Wed, Somerhalder says, “When you do your part for the environment, everyone wins.”


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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev will both be attending the 2011 Eyecon event in Atlanta, Georgia. The Vampire Diaries co-stars and real-life lovers are confirmed for the event which takes place on October 28-30.

“I will be appearing at @eyecon3000 (sic),” Nina tweeted on Tuesday. Since TVD is filmed in ATL, it makes sense that the event be held in the same city. Eyecon is dedicated to the show and arranges for fans to meet some of their favorite stars from the popular CW series. Most of the actors will be attending the event, greeting fans, signing autographs, and having loads of fun!