From Tubs to Showers The Change in Bathroom Plumbing

How times did you changed in bathroom plumbing! It is not that long ago that bath time meant dragging a large washtub into the kitchen to fill with hot water from the stove and everyone in your house bathed in that same tub one right after the other. Finally an actual room was set aside for bathroom purposes, and a bathtub that would be hooked up to indoor water lines and drain lines was developed. How amazing this must-have seemed after the old method!

Although your initial idea of making use of a shower for bathing probably began from the fun of standing under a waterfall, it wasn’t till the late 1800’s that bathroom plumbing advanced to the stage of actually standing to shower. Unfortunately, it was not all that popular during that time, and it really wasn’t until about 1975 or possibly even longer before showers came back into favor in American homes.

Today the shower is seen because the daily way to bathe, and tubs are utilized more for soaking and relaxation. Because of this shift, each year showers become fancier and more indulgent. Man sort features altered from thinking of bathroom plumbing for purely obtaining clean to being a place to revitalize and shut off the globe for a couple of minutes each day.

It got 100s of many years to get from washtubs to today’s contemporary bathroom plumbing options, yet it is very likely that each new ten years will bring more advancement in bathroom plumbing that will probably be rather wonderful.

It’s all in the detail

Bathroom needs a little interest? Installing a new set of taps or a new shower could do the trick. If you can’t determine on a set, talk to one of our engineers who’ll show you the variety we can fit and provide we might even have all of them within our vans. By simply making these little changes you can enjoy a fresh look without the expense of replacing your whole bathroom.

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