Avoiding Water Damage Caused by Water Heater Problems

When we believe about the types of preventative upkeep that they have to perform on their homes on a typical foundation, one area that doesn’t get almost as much attention as it should are the appliances included inside. In that respect, it can be helpful to imagine of home devices like water heaters as similar in concept to your vehicle. You need to make sure that you are getting tune ups, oil changes and also other varieties of preventative maintenance services carried out regularly that can help determine small problems naturally occur over the lifespan of a car before they become much bigger and more expensive ones. The same logic is true with appliances, only rather than suffering only a massive system failure, an appliance such as a water heater can suddenly flood your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage before you even know you have a problem. You can prevent water damage from water heaters in your house by properly following a few key steps.

Replacing Your Water Heater

First of all, you ought to be replacing your water heater every 7 to ten years for the best possible results. Although some people may balk at the admittedly large expense that a new water heater can represent, the alternative is a lot more costly. If you let your water heater go for too long and it bursts, flooding the basement or first level of your home, you stand to lose thousands of dollars of personal items in one fell swoop. In other words nothing regarding the huge quantity of irreplaceable products with emotional value which can be lost in the same manner. Not merely that, but by changing the water heater inside your house at that degree of frequency you can help make sure that you always have a model that’s running at peak performance along with of this most recent technological advances.

Inspect Your Water Heater

One other way to prevent water damage from your water heater is to have it examined by a licensed plumber every year. A licensed plumber will be able to examine for certain “warning signs” that a problem could be on the horizon like leaking gaskets, pipe corrosion and much more. Remember that just because it won’t appear that an issue is brewing with your water heater does not suggest that there aren’t warning signs.
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