Ian Somerhalder grew up on the Gulf Coast, so the Gulf Oil Disaster has given him a considerable amount of very personal heartbreak.

But in all of this, he is not naive. He spoke to Zap2It recently and said, “I understand the need for energy. I couldn’t say that loud enough, scream it loud enough if I tried. We all are culprits. As we speak, I’m driving, using fuel. The key is that we need to start moving toward green energy.”

So what can he do? What can anyone do? Well, Somerhalder has joined the Go Green Mobile Power group which makes portable green power. This means they make solar/wind and biodiesel generators that people in entertainment industries can use for movie sets, concerts, festivals, etc. Because Somerhalder works on a TV set right now, he’s definitely focused on making sure he can get The Vampire Diaries set to be more green.

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